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Nancy’s Dolls & Antiques sells antique dolls and toys to collectors and antique lovers alike.

I offer a fantastic assortment of antique dolls and toys that will enhance
any collection in the Columbus, Ohio and NE Ohio areas!

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Antique Dolls | Nancy's Dolls & Antiques

Nancy’s Dolls & Antiques has been selling antique dolls for decades. I am committed to ensuring that all of my friends in the Columbus, Ohio and NE Ohio areas...

Antique Toys | Nancy's Dolls & Antiques

I am committed to giving my customers a broad range of antique products. Not only do I offer beautiful antique dolls,I also provide a selection of...

Vintage Dolls | Nancy's Dolls & Antiques

The vintage dolls at Nancy’s Dolls & Antiques come in many different shapes, sizes, and brands. I present all my clients in Columbus, Ohio and NE Ohio areas with a...

My exceptional vintage doll collections ensure that you get premium product at affordable rates.

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I have been an antique collector for decades. Antiquing is my passion and I consider it an honor to share that passion with all the good people in Columbus, Ohio and NE Ohio areas.

The experience and knowledge that I have gained over the years is what has led me to establish Nancy's Dolls and Antiques in 1995. The support of my customers has enabled my business to grow, and I take my reputation as your trusted antique store very seriously.

The foundation of my business rests on the pillars of professional integrity and affordable products. Antiquing may not be the cheapest hobby out there, but it also should not cause your budget significant strain.

Nancy's Dolls and Antiques specializes in antique bisque and china heads dolls from the mid 1800's, composition dolls and antique toys from the 1930's, and vintage dolls and collectibles from the 1950's to the present. I have an enormously diverse collection of brand names when it comes to my antique dolls and toys.

With such a wide assortment of products, you can be confident that you will find a beloved doll or toy from your childhood at Nancy’s Dolls & Antiques. Stopping into my store is sure to remind you of happy times and cherished memories.

Don’t delay any longer. Begin the hunt for antique dolls, toys, and collectibles by contacting Nancy’s Dolls & Antiques right away!

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